Visitor Visa

Canada has been a favoured travel destination year-on-year for thousands of people who visit as tourists, for business purposes or to meet friends and family.

To apply for a Visitor Visa to Canada, you would need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid travel document, like a passport
  • Be in good health
  • Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
  • Convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country
  • Convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
  • Have enough money for your stay

The amount of money you will need will depend on how long you will stay and where you will stay i.e. in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.

You may also need a medical exam, biometrics and a letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada (individual or an organization, depending on the purpose of your visit).

If you do not require a visa to travel to Canada, you need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit through Canada (except US citizens and people who have valid Canadian visa).

Foreign nationals who do require visas must first make applications to a Canadian visa office before they travel to Canada as a visitor.

Our team can assist you with your application and ease the path for you to visit Canada.

Super Visa

Super Visa is a temporary resident permit having a validity of ten years.

It is a long-term multiple entry visa which allows parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents to visit their family in Canada for a period of up to two years without the need for renewal.

To apply for Super Visa, you would need to:

  • Be the parent or grand parent of a Canadian citizen or a Permanent resident of Canada
  • Have an invitation letter from your child or grand child
  • Take a medical exam and have medical insurance from a Canadian Insurance company

Contact us if you wish to invite your parents/grandparents to Canada on Super Visa.