Why should I retain the services of a representative when I can do it myself?

What type of services do you offer?

We provide consultation and representation services to foreign nationals seeking to apply for a Canadian immigration. We will:

  • Assess your immigration eligibility
  • Facilitate your application process
  • Address your concerns and provide solutions
  • Provide you with resources and tools
  • Assist you with any immigration problems

What if I am inquiring regarding a service that has not been listed on your site?

The scope of immigration services is vast and it’s not practically possible to list all the immigration pathways on our website. Should your query relate to any such program, please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to assist.

Will I have to pay a fee for the initial consultation?

Yes, there is a fee of CAD 150.00 for the initial consultation and assessment of your profile. Should you decide to retain our services, this fee will be adjusted towards your application processing fee.

Do I need to send in anything before the initial consultation?

We encourage you to fill the assessment form on our website prior to the initial consultation. This will ensure that we have a brief background to your profile prior to our discussion.

Which immigration program is best suited for me and why?

Depending upon your individual profile and background, we will be able to assess and advise which immigration pathway will be best aligned to your immigration goal.

What is the total cost for your services and what shall be the payment structure?

The professional fee depends upon the scope of services, complexity of the case, and other factors and therefore differs for different applications. Our Retainer Agreement will clearly mention the total Professional fee, government fee and other related charges. It will also mention the payment structure and milestones.

Are my family members eligible to apply? Will there be a change to the fee if they are included in the application?

We can advise that after assessing the profile of each of the family members, nature of the relationship, eligibility, and admissibility. Yes, there will be a change to the professional and government fee for each additional family member.

Do I qualify for a work permit to work in Canada?

It depends upon the Canadian job offer, your education, work experience and the supporting documents. Your work experience must be in the same occupation for which you are applying the Work permit in Canada.

Do I need a study permit to study in Canada?

A study permit is required for any course of more than six months duration. The student must comply with all the conditions mentioned on the study permit during the studies.

How can I become a Canadian permanent resident?

There are different pathways to become a Permanent resident in Canada. Some of the pathways are Express Entry, Sponsorship, PNP, Pilot programs etc. Our expert team can assess and advise you of the best suited immigration pathway for your immigration goal.

Are there any medical requirements I need to meet before immigrating to Canada?

Yes. All prospective immigrants to Canada are required to undergo medical examinations. These examinations are intended to detect any health conditions which may affect the health of the Canadian public, or which may result in excessive demands being placed upon the Canadian health care system. Your medical examination will be conducted in the country where your application is submitted.

We recommend that our clients identify for us any possible medical issue that may exist with any family member as there are certain steps that can be taken to overcome anticipated medical inadmissibility issues.

My status is about to expire. How can I extend the period of my authorised stay in Canada?

You will need to apply for extension of your current status in Canada prior to it’s expiry. Once you have applied and IRCC acknowledges the receipt of your application, you can stay in Canada until the IRCC decides on your application. The condition of your current Immigration status will apply during the time of your implied status in Canada.

What shall be the processing time for my application?

Every application is different. Processing times can be viewed here: Check your Processing time

How do I get help if my application has been refused?

There is no formal appeal process should your application be refused. You may apply again, however your application must contain new information. If your situation has not changed, the new application will probably be rejected again.

We suggest consulting with an authorized representative regarding your chances of having a second application approved. Contact our office to speak with an authorized representative who can assess your situation.

Harmony Immigration and Visa Services has near 100% success rate with clients. You must understand however that it is impossible to guarantee a result when you apply for immigration to Canada. Our firm does its very best to assess all cases and determine which cases are worthy of pursuit.

You must be aware and wary of any individual, firm or company who guarantees results for you. This is the reason we strongly recommend that you seek and retain legal advice from our firm as we always deal with all of our clients with the greatest of integrity and honesty.